August 20, 2016

Earth Magic Oracle Card Review

Recently I purchased my first official oracle deck. Actually I wasn't even intentional to buy an oracle deck. I went into a very beautiful metaphysical store intending to buy a pendulum and came out with a deck of cards. I was highly intrigued by the front cover which shows a very beautiful Gaia looking woman on the front. I believe for that reason alone I purchase the deck and forgot all about pendulum.

That was about two weeks ago. Ever since then I've taking one card out a day to has been quite an adventure. I've been able to see certain things in my life that I may not have been completely aware of at the time.
How can you go wrong with that!

The cards come in a medium sized box about 5x6, inside is a small to medium booklet. The booklet has black and white pictures the cards with general understanding of what the images symbolize as well with the meaning of the card. The cards are simple to understand the message or concept behind them but without losing the wonder and mystery of nature