November 1, 2016

Flying Witches

When a common person hears the word “Witch” the first thing that comes to mind is a woman dressed all in black with a green face flying on a broomstick over the moon. But do you ever wonder where the heck that comes from? I mean seriously why a green face, why all in black and why a broom…. Personally, I prefer a vacuum cleaner, with GPS……Well I decided to do a little bit of research on where all these predisposed concepts come from and this is what I found.

The first reference to a witch flying is from the famous 10th-century text call Canon Episcopi the text reads “riding on certain creatures, with Diana goddess of the pagans and a great multitude of women over great distances in the silence of the deep night” to be honest that sounds pretty cool. Another would be British traditional witch Nigel Aldcroft Jackson. He wrote that witches rode on broomsticks in magical flight through the nine realms that Odin travels. There’s also tales of people witnessing women running around naked with broomsticks in between their legs in fields of grain and wheat in the middle the night.
You see a modern educated person can comprehend that is would be very highly unlikely. But back in those days, it was taken seriously people honest to god believed that witches could fly like birds do. But the belief has to come from somewhere. So where is the truth!?

Well here’s how I understand it…. When it comes to Nigel Aldcroft Jackson and Canon Episcopi texts. What it is truly referring to is an altered state of consciousness. A form of astral projection achieved by the use of certain herbs to create what is familiarly called by most witches as ” flying witches ointment”. This ointment is traditionally made with certain green herbs mixed with pig fat after the ointment has cooled and the witch prepares for astral projection, the witch would rub the ointment on his or her face and underarms. So that’s where the green face comes from and the flying….but what about flying with a broom?

What I found is that in the old day's women “not just Witches” but women, in general, will go out at night in the fields where grain and wheat would grow, would be naked with broomsticks “the shaggy part up” with the broomsticks between their legs running around and jumping. Sounds a bit crazy I know, but they were doing something called sympathetic magick, it could also be seen as fertility magick. The idea was to hop or jump to show the grain that was on the ground how to grow. The being naked and with a broomstick was fertility. The stick being the man genitalia and the wheat at the end “which was what we use to sweep the floor with” symbolized the female genitalia. Put them together and you have new life. And in those days having a good harvest meant the difference between surviving winter or dying. All in all… this is a very interesting and eye-opening history.