December 5, 2016

Candle Magick

 There comes a time where you need to do something to really bring the energy back into your life and a quick way to do that is by candle magick. I find that candle magick is a quick and easy way to did a good and powerful spell. Considered sympathetic magic, it's a method which doesn’t require a lot of fancy ritual or expensive ceremonial artifacts, trust me I know. If you have a candle then half of your work is already done. 

Typically, color correspondences for candle magic are as follows: 

  • Red: Courage and health, sexual love and lust 
  • Pink: Friendship, sweet love
  • Orange: Attraction and encouragement 
  • Gold: Financial gain, business endeavors, solar connections 
  • Yellow: Persuasion and protection 
  • Green: Financial gain, abundance, fertility 
  • Light Blue: Health, patience and understanding 
  • Dark Blue: Depression and vulnerability 
  • Purple: Ambition and power 
  • Brown: Earth-related or animal-related workings 
  • Black: Negativity and banishment 
  • White: Purity and truth* 
  • Silver: Reflection, intuition, lunar connections

Check out the video for info

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