June 26, 2017

Clear Knowing...how do you know that!?

Have you ever gotten a call and know who it was, why they wanted to take to you about? Or look at two people knowing that they so going to hookup even if they have just meat?..... If so you might be Claircognizance AKA clear know. It refers to the ability to simply know something without knowledge, logic or reason... you just know. If you having guess this is my superpower! It comes very natural for me and since I'm a professional tarot reader it is also handy. But first let me go into some details of what is Claircognizance.

One of the hard part is realizing that you have this ability. Mainly because it does not react in a physical manner such as sound, feeling, seeing or touch. A good example of  Claircognizance would be having an inexplicable sense "Not feel. you just know, you do not feel" that you should not be going into work or that you should leave the party earl. You don't know why but you know you should. Personally I can tell when people are lying whether directly or indirectly. I love being Claircognizance but sometimes you want to believe the lie, ever thing in life has its downside.

Its actually hard to develop and understand or even know that you have it. so one of the easy ways to figure out if you happen to have it is to carry with you a journal and document of any events that may qualify as a Claircognizance moment. If you happen to find that you are Claircognizance here are some exercises and tips to develop it

1. Work with your 3 "solar plexus" and 6 "third eye" chakra, so they give you the energy and stability and will power that you need to grow stronger

2. Ask your spirit guides to send you messages directly through Claircognizance instead of other means.

3. Last but not least believe and trust in your abilities. Most of all believe in yourself.

June 19, 2017

TarotScope June 2017

 TarotScope June 2017
Hey guys I uploaded all the tarot scopes for June a little while ago and I forgot to mention it to you guys. Click on the image or here and catch up!

February 19, 2017

Labels in the Community | Witchy Wednesdays

In this video I talk about labels and in the pagan community and how they have affected me and the people around me. I was inspired to do this video of the many time that I've been asked who or what I am. Am I a Pagan, i am a Witch, am I a Wiccan.... etc. In my contemplation I decided to do a video of my results.

February 12, 2017

The Broom Closet | Witchy Wednesdays

Hey guys I decided to re-upload this lovely video of my experience when I came out of the broom closet. Which was  interesting to say the least. What I would like to say that's not on the video though is, if you are in the broom closet just understand that all of us have been there before. I know it's not easy because.... well it wasn't easy for me. I hope that this video helps you out in some way or another knowing that you're not alone.