March 3, 2018

March TarotScope 2018

Hello Wonder bugs! Here is the tarotscope for March 2018! This month has us going through some transformations! Some are in the beginning of their transformation and others are just at the tail end. So I suggest that you watch your particular video to see what needs to be done to either begin or end this new Journey that majority of all of us are going through. Remember that all Journeys are transformational but they're not always fun so some of us might be going through some hardships in the next coming months and others are just about done with our transformation. 

Now with the Mercury retrograde starting on the 22nd and ending next month on the 14th is a geart opportunity to the dub deep to clear out unwanted and unnecessary stuff in our lives. But remember it won't be fun but by the end of it it'll be worth it. Please leave comments to let me know how your journey has gone and what you plan on doing or not doing during the Mercury retrograde. 

November 8, 2017

Ritual Aura Purifying Healing Bath

Question have you ever felt as if you just don't have any energy or things just don't feel right? But you don't have a cold, you take all your vitamins and you eat right. For me, it happens quite often only because I do a lot of tarot readings which uses up a lot of psychic and emotional energy. For some of us who are Tarot Readers, Reiki Masters, Healers or counselors sometimes we forget to take care of her own needs and wants.

November 1, 2017

Prepare For A Reading

Lately, I've noticed that people have been contacting me for readings over YouTube and certain social media. Most asking the same question about their boyfriend or girlfriend,  husband or wife. Which I expect to hear but recently I started noticing that people are asking, what they have to do to prepare for readings. Asking if they need to bring something or do something prior to getting ready.

October 25, 2017

The Archetypes of the Divine Wild Woman Deck Review

"The Archetypal of The Divine Wild Woman" It's a bit of a mouthful, I know. But it has a deep meaning as to who we are.  Now I am not here to preach about femininity or feminism. But what I do want to do is talk about the importance of these cards and how we can better ourselves as women and as human beings. To take a journey deeper than we had expected.

I feel that this deck it's great for journaling and deep introspection. The Journey of the human soul when it comes to its feminine parts regardless of your gender. Each card has a simple and direct message but somehow still leaves the reader the choice of interpretation. Which is Heather's intention, for that reason the deck comes without a book.The back and the borders of the cards are beautiful and colorful. But it doesn't detract instead it adds to the beauty of the photo itself. Especially the black and white ones which are my favorites.

I did this very cool review on YouTube of "The Archetypal of The Divine Wild Woman" go check it out. I give you a look at all the cards and the box that it comes in. If you want to see these cards in action just go to my channel and check out my monthly TarotScope.

October 18, 2017

Dumb Supper and Apple Offering

Ancestor altar
Hey, guys! I hope that everyone is excited for Samhain/Halloween! It happens to be one of my favorite times of the year. So I really wanted this ritual to stand out! For almost a whole day I looked through all of my spell books but nothing stood out. Except for this very simple but gratifying and to the point ritual that I modified to my liking a couple years ago.

Now before we start talking about how to conduct this ritual, first things first. You need to learn about this particular holiday. Samhain or Halloween comes from the Celtic tradition in which this time of year we honor our deceased loved ones. The veil that separates the living and the dead is very thin. So it's easier to communicate with the dead and your beloved ones that have passed on the other side.

October 11, 2017

Halloween Tarot Bash! Tarot Card Reading!!

Hey, guys! It's that time of the year when everybody dresses up as their favorite character and gets to do a little bit of mischief! There is candy and fun galore!... Oh, and you get to stay up late.... What more can you ask for?

Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday of all time! But it's not just a holiday for fun and candy.  Halloween or Samhain is a day to remember our dearly departed loved ones and it's also a Witch's  New Year, rock on! It's one of the best times throughout the whole entire year to do psychic readings. Because the veil that separates the living from the dead is really thin so psychic energy is pumping!

June 26, 2017

Clear do you know that!?

Have you ever gotten a call and know who it was, why they wanted to take to you about? Or look at two people knowing that they so going to hook up even if they have just meat?..... If so you might be Claircognizance AKA clear know. It refers to the ability to simply know something without knowledge, logic or reason... you just know. If you having guess this is my superpower! It comes very naturally for me and since I'm a professional tarot reader it is also handy. But first, let me go into some details of what is Claircognizance.